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CHCR Makeover Underway!

What is that you say???

Yes! Big changes are happening at your local Killaloe (102.9) and Wilno (104.5) Canadian Homegrown Community Radio station:

  • New energetic members are already bringing practical skills and joy to our 2020-2021 Board of Directors.
  • A 2021 strategic plan is building: Amplifying COMMUNITY in CHCR.
  • We have a new volunteer Program Director with great people skills and creative ideas.
  • YAY! Our studio is becoming user-friendly. Some funding and lots of volunteer elbow-grease is already replacing our broadcasting systems and equipment. Those who have been in the station know that crucial parts of our retiring hardware were already “vintage” when installed back at the beginning of time (1998). A respectful green burial to follow.
  • The outdated schedule, djs, program info, etc., on our website will be getting a makeover of its own, as everything new settles into place.
  • BUT, never fear! Longstanding DJs like Momma T, Rae, The Alien, Bridget, and PeanutButter are still on board doin’ their things. We are so grateful for their efforts!

Already we have two new programs!

Wayne Morris offers BREATHING DEEP every Sunday from 8-10 pm.

Wayne has been active in and passionate about community radio since the early 80’s. Starting at CKMS-FM (U. of Waterloo), then moving to Toronto to start producing shows for CKLN-FM (Ryerson), the first few years he provided radio art and experimental music programs, as well as shows focused on the home tapers network (remember cassette tape?). In the 90’s, Wayne produced shows exploring criminality in high places, uncovering lies of the mainstream media and exposing malfeasance of the pharmaceutical industrial complex. 

Breathing Deep offers deep conversations about important topics, deep analysis into issues, and deep-diving into waters less swum. Discussions beyond media headlines. Deep dives into the science and evidence from experts in their field. Con (together)  spire (breathe)Con-spiring.. breathing together… searching for truth in this time of great deceit.


Get your day started off right with Clyde Singleton…

Every Sunday morning, from 10 am to Noon, Clyde offers up a live radio show, AKA a mode of transportation, to amplify your joie de vivre. Clyde gives us a perfect mix of “oh yea buddy!” and “Da-da-da-da!” blended into exceptional music, skits and other various shenanigans. Be assured: Live With Clyde hits all the right spots to get you rockin’ outta bed, outta your pjs, and into responsible adult clothes, just like your parents always wanted… But seriously folks, Clyde would never suggest becoming an adult… or that you be anyone other than yourself. And the show is come as you are, with any sort of clothes optional.

Live With Clyde will turn your day of “Blah” into a day of “Yeah!” Clyde starts out with easy listening and evolves into more upbeat music, taking you from breakfast through brunch to lunch, playing new and old favorites that will get you dancing, singing-along, and ready to make the most of your day! Sundays: 10 am to Noon.

…SO, yeah, this is also YOUR moment to help renew CHCR…

We are planning to bring some new programs on air in the New Year, including: a community radio play show… AND a call-in community link-up morning talk show to help us all through this winter with all the pandemic restrictions… AND…? And…?

Volunteers are welcome to help make current, planned AND new shows happen. OR to help out with technical or office chores at the station. OR to help us get loaded up with special events and CHCR merchandise so we can keep on rockin’. Ooops! don’t forget to renew your membership for the coming year! Every little bit of cash helps us stay on-air by paying bills like hydro, hardware add-ons, subscription services, etc.

You will want to tell your buddies, maybe even your grandkids, that you were part of CHRC’s third decade renewal. Email to join the fun of supporting YOUR local COMMUNITY-RUN radio station!


Calling All Neighbours, Friends, New & Old CHCR Members:

  1. Do you love the idea of local community radio?
  2. Do you want to hear more original programming on CHCR?
  3. Do you feel that the station equipment needs upgrading so more people can master running programs?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, you are right in tune with the outgoing CHCR Board of Directors. As well, our local community agency partners have asked CHCR to assist with community support and information connections during this second wave of the COVID flu spread, because radio us a great way to reach people in need… NOW is the time for people who love this station ~ for all it has been, could be, and is ~ to come back to CHCR and help make our strategic plan fully happen.

We humbly request your presence at:
CHCR’s Annual General Meeting ~ October 24th, 11 AM
>> Limited seating at Killaloe Lions Hall due to COVID protocols
>> Unlimited seating if you join us by Zoom:
You can free/no-hassle download Zoom on your phone or computer: If you need help, email

At this meeting, an election will take place for our 2020-2021 Board of Directors.
Nominations are open for all members in good standing.
>> To update your membership and have voting rights, please contact or Linda at 613-756-6533. Thanks, Merci, Miigwetch.

Back in the Day… and Now a New Exciting and Important Chapter!

Pancake Breakfast: Sunday, March 1

Join us for our monthly pancake breakfast at the Killaloe Friendship Center, 12 Lake St. Killaloe. 9 am to 1 pm.

Featuring sausage, bacon, fair trade organic coffee, all you can eat pancakes and real maple syrup. Gluten-free options are available.

The cost is $8.00, or $6.00 if you are a member. Memberships are available at the door!

An Irish Gathering – Aug. 15-17, 2019

From Ireland, to Canada. Catch an Irish-themed episode of Alien Swamp Grass!

AGM May 25, 2019

New Website

CHCR has rung in 2019 with a nice shiny new website. Mobile users especially will notice a big difference, since the site is now fully responsive!

We ask that you have patience with us while we continue to update and add new information regularly. Check back often for updates!

License Renewal

CHCR is proud to announce that our broadcast license has been renewed until 2025!