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DJ Chronic

Show: The Eclectic Hour, Tuesdays 7 – 9 pm

1. deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.
2. philosophy denoting or belonging to a class of ancient philosophers who did not belong to or found any recognized school of thought but selected doctrines from various schools of thought.

DJ Chronic has been visiting the region for over a decade, & has long been a supporter of independent media, community radio, & grassroots innovation.  Radio is only one of his eclectic range of interests, however he is proud to be a DJ on Canada’s only non-university community radio station, and hopes to inspire, uplift, entertain, inform, & scintillate listeners from the solar-powered radio lab into the Madawaska & Ottawa Valleys, and beyond!

DJ Bridget

Show: Walking on Air, Thursdays 4 – 6 pm

Walking on Air is a show that aims to take you all over the map physically and figuratively.

Bridget Haworth became involved in “Independent Media” in early 2000. She realized that media is owned by those interested in manipulating public opinion for their own gain. As a response, Bridget co-produced, a 2-person operation dedicated to promoting, producing and distributing “Independent Media” Canada-wide for 9 years.

CHCR is a small spark among media giants but is one of the few places left you can speak freely.

DJ Amber

Show: Sunday Sauna Sundays  8 -10 pm

The Sauna is where everyone is welcome. There is no discriminating, we all love to bathe. It is a place of deep relaxation, mind and body stimulation and for breath. You go in feeling rough and you leave feeling like a cozy, calm caterpillar. You will move through eclectic sounds such as flutes, jazz, smooth psychedelic, world and Americana folk, and a variety of other groovy genres. Bringing love and positive vibrations through the air waves.

DJ Rae

Show: Rae’s Rocking Show, Tuesdays 2 – 4 pm

Rae plays a mix of country, rock, blues, reggae, hip hop, heavy metal, etc.

I play whatever I want unless you phone in to request a song, then I try to oblige as much as I can

Phone in with birthday wishes, congratulations for graduations, weddings, new babies and well wishes for friends.

DJ Peanut Butter

Peter Benner a.k.a. Peanut Butter is DJ on two current shows…

Random Radio, Fridays 8 – 10 pm, featuring a rich dollop of local, Canadian and international tunesters, interviews with the interesting, and an attraction to the bizarre and the unusual. Anything can happen on Random Radio!

Lion’s Roar, Saturdays 9 – 10 am, featuring Lions Club events and news.

DJ Div

Div is the resident expert on psychedelic music and plays the likes of the Doors, Pink Floyd, the Beatles and much more.

His show is called The Div Zone where he keeps alive the musical mind expanding memories of the 60s and 70s. Tuesdays 12-2pm.

Bonky B Bonkers

Show: Mixed Nuts, Thursdays 10 pm – 12 am

Here’s a Facebook page.

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Momma T

Show: The Ripple Effect, Tuesdays 4 – 6 pm

Playing Folk, Rock, Jambands and Bluegrass. Spotlights on Canadian talent. Regular segments on some of the hundreds of concerts and bands that I’ve seen live over the years.  My passion is hand drumming and I have had the pleasure of backing up many different musicians over the years!  I try to fill my show with positive music and good vibes as I believe in the ‘Ripple Effect’ it has on people’s lives!