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Steve Fruitman

Steve lives and works in Toronto at CIUT at the University of Toronto. His show is 33-45-78 and consists of mostly vinyl.

DJ Lyall

DJ Lyall went to school for Radio Broadcasting. He is the Station Manager and regular DJ. Volunteering at CHCR since he was 19, Lyall was inspired by the community to pursue radio.

Wayne Morris

Wayne has been active in and passionate about community radio since the early 80’s starting at CKMS-FM (U. of Waterloo), then moving to Toronto to start producing shows for CKLN-FM (Ryerson U.).  The first few years resulted in a series of radio art and experimental music programs and shows focused on the home tapers network (remember cassette tape?). In the 90’s, Wayne produced shows exploring criminality in high places, uncovering lies of the mainstream media and exposing malfeasance of the pharmaceutical industrial complex.  In loving memory, CHCR keeps this bio of Wayne up for people to see.

DJ Travel Bridge

Bridget Haworth became involved in “Independent Media” in early 2000. She realized that media is owned by those interested in manipulating public opinion for their own gain. As a response, Bridget co-produced, a 2-person operation dedicated to promoting, producing and distributing “Independent Media” Canada-wide for 9 years.

CHCR is a small spark among media giants but is one of the few places left you can speak freely.

DJ Peanut Butter

Peter Benner a.k.a. Peanut Butter is DJ on two current shows…

Random Radio, Fridays 8 – 10 pm, featuring a rich dollop of local, Canadian and international tunesters, interviews with the interesting, and an attraction to the bizarre and the unusual. Anything can happen on Random Radio!

Lion’s Roar, Saturdays 9 – 10 am, featuring Lions Club events and news.

In loving memory, CHCR keeps Peanut Butter’s bio up for all to see and remember.