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The EH List

A musical show co-hosted by DJ Peanut Butter and Silent Paul, this content is mostly blues and bluegrass. Monday 2 PM, Wednesday 8 AM. Repeats Sunday 4 PM.

Random Radio

Since Peanut Butter’s passing in 2021, we continue to play repeats of his past shows to keep his memory alive. Monday 6 AM. Repeats Saturday 10 AM and Sunday 2 PM.

Walking On Air

The show of DJ Travel Bridge, Walking on Air deals with topics that either get butchered or ignored in the mainstream media. These topics are explored by every day people all the way to experts on the topic. Community involvement is encouraged and anyone can contact the show host, Bridget Haworth, to participate in a show. Contact Repeats Monday 10 AM, Tuesday 4 PM and Thursday 4 PM.


Steve Fruitman’s show from CIUT in Toronto. Mostly vinyl music, he has a wide repertoire of content. Monday 6 PM, Tuesday 7 PM, Wednesday 7 PM, Thursday 8 PM, and Friday at 2 PM.


DJ Lyall’s show. A live expression of his consciousness. Music, opinions, humor, and challenging your beliefs. Lyall does a show live when the moment is right (usually Fridays, but not always), otherwise repeats are Mondays at 9 PM and Wednesdays at 9 PM. Repeats Monday at 8 PM and Saturday at 8 PM.

Breathing Deep

Tuesdays from 9 to 11 PM

Since his passing in 2022, we continue to play past shows to keep Wayne’s memory alive.

Host: Wayne Morris

Breathing Deep is about having deep conversations about important topics, deep analysis into issues, and deep-diving into waters less swum.

Discussions that counter the narrative.

Deep dives into the science and evidence from experts in their field.

Con (together)       spire (breathe)

Con-spiring.. breathing together.. searching for truth in this time of great deceit.

Repeats Thursday at 9 PM.